An Overview on the Profile of James van Praagh as a Renowned Spiritual Medium


With more than 20 years of being a professional “medium”, there is no doubt that James van Praagh is now the most successful person with extraordinary ability to communicate with the other world. He has already conducted spiritual lectures, demonstrations, and tours to several thousands of people. Throughout his career, he has already attended numerous prominent radio and TV shows such as the Larry King Live, Dr. Phil, 48 Hours, 20/20, A&E Biography, Maury Povich, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He even hosts his own TV programs where he discusses his knowledge and understanding regarding the spiritual world. In addition, he also published many bestselling books that feature his explanation on the concept of the ‘other world’.

The beginning of van Praagh’s public popularity can be attributed to his first appearances on the famous talk show “The Other Side”, aired on NBC. Because this TV show focuses on paranormal issues, he became the favorite resident expert of the viewers and even the hosts, especially when the topic is on life after death. Later on, James van Praagh became even more famous because of his powerful book “Talking to Heaven”, which was hailed as the number 1 bestselling book a few weeks after it was released in bookstores. According to him, the sprits surrounding people are either “personal guides” or “mastery guides”. Personal guides are spirits of people known in the earlier incarnations, while mastery guides are spirits with expertise in a particular area.

The expertise of James van Praagh with regards to paranormal activities is credited to his mentors or favorite speakers, who are generally adept in the concept of spiritual world as well. Other than, several spirits of important people also guide him in his practice of being a “medium” between the real world and the spiritual world. One of them is Master Chang, a Chinese man in the 1900s era, who is a man surrounded by gold spectrum of light with the highest spiritual dominion, as described by van Praagh. Another important spirit is Harry Aldritch, the one who helps him identify the physical illness of his clients. There is also “Golden Father”, the spirit of a North American Indian who imparts him messages regarding brotherhood. Lastly, van Praagh also said that the spirit of Sister Theresa is the one who works along with him to teach about compassion. To date, he continues to make his own efforts on sharing to the real world what those in the “other world” have to say.




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